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Update: Fire victim's identity not yet confirmed

Marriage Applications

Derek Michael Ludwig and Carrie Lynn Larson

Anil Bhola Lal and Lakeisha Jones

Zachariah Michael Bales and Ashley Elizabeth Mahnke

Kendric Iver Henjum and Elyssa Danielle Horner

Ryan Richard Veitch and Makenzie Anne Nelson

Zachary Tate Waldorf and Cassie Jo Steidl

Scott Allen Holl and Susan Kay Staehnke

Catherine Marie Notch and Eldonna Lea Hazen

Benjamin Courtney Smith and Molly Marie Dockendorf

Dustin Robert Smith and Kaylee Jo Olson

Cameron Caleb Anderson and Cassiann M. Procenko

Billy Lee Perseke and Bobbi Jo Tyson

Daniel Michael David Wiseman and Brenna Rae Anne Bast