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Douglas County Hospital

September 4

Girl, Lisa and Michael Lennes, Alexandria

September 5

Girl, Kate and Jonathon Christopherson, Alexandria

September 6

Girl, Melinda and Jeremy Discher, Eagle Bend

September 7

Girl, Lori and Christopher Gillespie, Brandon

September 8

Boy, Erika and Daniel Willprecht, Garfield

Girl, Shannon Olson and Jackson Berglund, Alexandria

Births from January 1 to September 8, 2013: 450.

Douglas County Hospital

September 12

Boy, Sadie Craven and Coty Kaluza, Alexandria

Boy, Susan and Blaine Collin, Long Prairie

September 15

Boy, Gina and Mitchell Scott, Little Sauk

Births from January 1 to September 15, 2013: 459.

Douglas County Hospital

September 13

Boy, Rebecca and Matthew Westad, Alexandria

September 16

Girl, Katherine and Ryan Rosengren, Alexandria

September 18

Boy, Grace Terhaar and Joshua Anderson, Alexandria

September 19

Boy, Laurie Timm and Mark Ratajesak, Eagle Bend

September 20

Boy, Michelle and William Euerle, Garfield

Girl, Sarah and Brent Bernardy, Brandon

September 21

Boy, Cameo and Andrew Eddy, Brandon

Girl, Sarah and Brandon Rodel, Carlos

September 22

Girl, Jill and Joseph Niehaus, Osakis

Girl, Elizabeth Raden, Brandon

Girl, Heidi and Lee Wilkin, Farwell

Births from January 1 to September 22, 2013: 474.

Douglas County Hospital

September 25

Girl, Stephanie and David Schjenken, Alexandria

Girl, Rebecca and Erick Sletto, Brandon

September 26

Boy, Ashley and Jesse Olson, Wendell

September 27

Girl, Amber and Daniel Stoltenberg, Nelson

September 29

Boy, Amy and John Steimann, Alexandria

Girl, Rebecca and Ryan Schmitz, Alexandria

September 30

Boy, Chelsey and Cory Anderson, Alexandria

Births from January 1 to September 30, 2013: 488.

Douglas County Hospital

October 1

Girl, Ashley and Matthew Grommesh, Brandon

October 3

Girl, Breeanna Jandert and Cory Schlosser, Elbow Lake

October 4

Boy, Amber and Nathan Knick, Alexandria

Boy, Stephanie and Chad Stueve, Miltona

October 6

Boy, Jessica and Dallas Anderson, Evansville

October 7

Boy, Lindsey and Jason Klimek, Glenwood

Births from January 1 to October 7, 2013: 504.

Douglas County Hospital

October 8

Boy, Carin Frenchick and Mario Ost, Norwich, North Dakota

Girl, Karen and Mitchell Heidinger, Hoffman

October 9

Boy, Shannon Brock and Michael Herrera, Alexandria

Girl, Sarah Olson and Nicholas Trenne, Alexandria

October 11

Boy, Amanda and Kyle Koehntop, Morris

October 13

Girl, Emily Schroeder and Andrew Scott, Villard

October 14

Boy, Danielle and Joseph Sworski, Wadena

Births from January 1 to October 14, 2013: 516.

Douglas County Hospital

October 15

Girl, Kayla and Jeremy Feldewerd, Albany

October 16

Girl, Tarah Poitra and Travis Rasmusson, Alexandria

October 17

Girl, Mackinzie and Lance Shores, Alexandria

October 22

Boy, Konnie and Justin Evans, Alexandria

October 23

Boy, Sarah Dreger and Patrick Sandgren

Births from January 1 to October 23, 2013: 526.