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Radio theater presents two holiday shows

Lakes Area Radio Theatre will begin the Christmas season with stories about "Bah Humbug Becky" and a detective searching for a missing Santa Claus, at 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 8.

In the first story, Becky, the biggest brat of the season believes that Christmas only exists for Santa, and Santa only exists to bring Becky presents. Her me-first attitude draws a visit from the Christmas spirits. This show was written by Bob Sievers of Alexandria.

In the second story, "The Nic Files: Lost Claus," written by Dan Fiorella of New York, a short guy with pointy shoes hires hard-boiled detective Nick Flebber to find his missing boss, Santa Claus. Flebber heads to the North Pole to track down clues.

Tickets are available at the theater, 2214 Geneva Road NE in Alexandria, or by calling 320-815-7664. Admission is $8. Shows are broadcast on a variety of radio stations throughout the state. For air times and days, visit