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Messiah Lutheran Church launches Habitudes training

Charis Bjorklund (left) and Pat Hanson recently traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, on behalf of Messiah Lutheran Church in Hoffman to be trained in Habitudes, a student leadership training experience for the next generation. (Contributed)

Messiah Lutheran Church in Hoffman sent youth minister Charis Bjorklund and recently retired WCA teacher Pat Hanson to Atlanta, Georgia, to be trained in Habitudes in June.

Habitudes is a student leadership training experience for the next generation (Generation Y). As the materials state: "Habitudes teaches timeless character and leadership principles through the power of an image, a conversation and an experience."

More than 6,000 schools and organizations use Habitudes, including Purdue University, Ohio State University, Stanford University, Duke University, Wake Forest, the National FFA Organization, and many churches and faith-based organizations.

Messiah Lutheran is launching the Habitudes faith-based leadership training for several different Generation Y age groups in the church and its community in September:

â-- Senior high (9th-12th grades) will meet with Bjorklund each Wednesday evening from 5:45 to 6:45 p.m. (youth supper precedes from 5 to 5:45 p.m.)

â-- Confirmation (8th-9th grades) meets each Wednesday from 3:45 to 5 p.m., and Bjorklund will teach Habitudes approximately twice a month as a confirmation faith and character development process.

â--. Hanson will teach 6th-7th graders once a month at 3:45 p.m. (the WCA bus drops the students off at Messiah).

For more information on Habitudes or to get a child involved, contact Bjorklund at