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Alexandria United Church of Christ to start kids' program

First Congregational United Church of Christ of Alexandria is launching a new mid-week program for youth aged 3 years through sixth grade. This Christian kids' club will take place after school on Wednesdays. Children of all faiths, churched or unchurched, are welcome. The program, entitled Fully Rely on God's (FROG) Power, will start on Wednesday, October 10.

The mid-week experience is to allow for a longer time period and the opportunity to add special projects and field trips to the religious education segment.

Transportation will be provided to bring the children to the church. They will be provided with snacks and gathering time with "grandmas and grandpas in waiting" until all the children have gathered. Parents are expected to pick up their children around 5:15 p.m.

There is no cost for transportation or any part of the program. Because there will be a need to arrange transportation and secure the permission forms essential to work with children, registrations made prior to October 10 are requested.

To register, reach the church office at (320) 763-3341 or 221 7th Avenue West (entrance on the Elm Street side on weekdays).