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Have questions? The library has answers

Are you planning a trip to France, Croatia or Argentina and need to learn a few phrases in the local language?

Did you find an interesting looking antique in the back crawl space of a relative's house and need to find out what it may be worth?

Is a weird sound coming from your car's dashboard and you want to learn more about what it may be?

Has a recent inheritance caused you to consider investing in the stock market?

Are you curious to know more about your great-great-great-grandparents?

The Douglas County Library has some special online resources that might be handy and you could access all but one from the comfort of your own home!

The library's electronic resources can be accessed from computers in the library and on the library's website. All you need is internet access and library card from the Douglas County Library and you can use the resources wherever you are. All of our online resources are available for free. Each resource is a little different, but most are databases where you enter a search term and receive relevant information.

Ancestry Library Edition lets you access a large amount of historical records that will let you do genealogical and family research. I've used this program to do basic searches and have been amazed by the amount of information I can quickly find and its ease of use. Ancestry Library can only be used on library computers or on the library's wireless internet.

Mango Languages is an online language learning program that features 72 languages. In Mango, users can learn a language through practice conversations, special courses and multi-lingual film study. I haven't had much of a chance to use Mango myself, but staff members at the library are sure excited about it, especially the program that teaches you how to speak like a pirate.

Valueline is the electronic version of the well-known investment newsletter that has been in print since 1931. An excellent reference for those looking to start investing or those who have done so for decades, this resource provides in-depth information about stocks, mutual funds, options, securities and companies.

Chilton Library is a comprehensive database that covers all aspects of maintenance and repair for cars and other vehicles. This online database replaces the large Chilton manuals that the library had previously collected.

Price It! Antiques and Collectibles is the perfect resource for those who are curious as to how much a specific antique or collectible might cost. Price It! pulls together information from multiple sources to provide the best possible estimate as to what an heirloom might be valued.

Learn more about these resources by going to the Douglas County Library's website and clicking on the "e-stuff" tab. All resources, with the exception of Ancestry Library, can be accessed from home. Have fun exploring our electronic resources and let us know if you have any questions.

Odland is the Douglas County Library director.