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District 206 students earn Regional Math Masters honors

Woodland Team 2, including (left to right) Xavier Homelvig, Brienna Timm, Cody Branson, Joria Downing and Ethan Patience, placed second at the Regional Math Master competition. (Contribued photo)1 / 3
Voyager Team 2, including (left to right) Joe Bigger, Caitlin Bright, Amanda Bittmann, Hanna Lauderbaugh and Carsten Wessel, placed seventh at the Regional Math Master competition.2 / 3
Lincoln Team 2, including (left to right) Isaac Siegel, Reece Stallman, Isaac McCoy, Olivia Maday and Justin Larson, placed sixth at the Regional Math Master competition.3 / 3

Ten District 206 5th grade student teams competed in the Regional Math Master competition in Alexandria on April 26.

The competition consisted of a field of 36 student teams representing area schools. Three of the local teams placed in the top 10.

The Math Masters of Minnesota competition is designed to promote excellence in thinking skills pertaining to mathematics and consists of three team rounds, three individual rounds and a fact drill round.

Along with the three District 206 teams placing in the top 10 of the team portion of the competition, several students received individual honors in the fact drill and individual problem-solving rounds.


In the team portion of the competition, the following teams placed:

Woodland Elementary Team 2, second (individual medallions awarded) - Cody Branson, Joria Downing, Xavier Homelvig, Ethan Patience, Brienna Timm.

Lincoln Elementary Team 2, sixth (individual ribbons awarded) - Justin Larson, Olivia Maday, Isaac McCoy, Isaac Siegel, Reece Stallman.

Voyager Elementary Team 2, seventh (individual ribbons awarded) - Joe Bigger, Amanda Bittmann, Caitlin Bright, Hanna Lauderbaugh, Carsten Wessel.

Other District 206 teams that competed were:

Woodland Elementary Team 1 - Abby Blank, Donny Helfrich, Nathaniel Mulder, Savannah Overland, Riley Simonson.

Woodland Elementary Team 3 - Ally Albers, Luke Anderson, Joey Carlson, Chance Thompson, McKenzie Weigel.

Lincoln Team 1 - Shea Issendorf, Parker Jabas, Elle Murphy, Isabel Smalley, Sidney Trousil.

Voyager Team 1 - Kade Blankenship, Andrew Hendrickson, Logan Lancaster, Andrew Revering, Allison Schmidt.

Carlos Elementary - Danielle Carver, Ryan Forster, Summer Gerhardt, Madison Muyres, Christina Palmer.

Garfield Elementary - Matthew Carlsen, Adam Oehlenschlager, Sam Revering, Cole Sorensen, Matthew Zick.

Miltona Elementary - Jeris Lemm, Gavin Pexsa, Rylee Thompson, Justin Woida and Preston Yohnke.

Of the 180 students competing, six District 206 students scored in the top 25 on the Individual Problem-Solving portion of the competition.

Receiving medallions were Amanda Bittmann, first, and Joria Downing, second. Receiving ribbons were Ethan Patience, 13th; Reece Stallman, 14th; Hanna Lauderbaugh, 19th; and Joey Carlson, 21st.

In the Fact Drill portion of the competition, with 180 students competing, two District 206 students scored in the top 20: Bittmann, ninth, and Stallman, 17th.