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Winners for Student Showcase announced

The winners for the fourth annual District 206 Student Showcase Celebration were announced. The showcase was held at Discovery Middle School (DMS) in Alexandria on Thursday, March 14. It showcased the talent and creative projects of District 206 students.

There were first, second and third place prizes in four categories. The prizes were $50 for first, $25 for second and $15 for third.

In the three-element short story category in grades 5-8, short stories had to include a gathering tree, a text message and a walleye.

Winners include: Kimberly Snell, first, 8th grade, DMS; Claire Wilmasmeier, second, 8th grade, DMS; Megan Schneider, third, 7th grade, DMS.

In the cartoon character category in grades 5-8, characters had to be original and could be submitted in black and white or color.

Winners include: Kathy Freese, first, 7th grade, DMS; Rachel Meyer, second, 7th grade, DMS; Ryan Schaffer, third, 7th grade, DMS.

The 2D and 3D visual arts categories in grades 9-12 were open to any medium of art. The emphasis was on the creative process and the employment of design elements.

Winners for the 2D category include: Addy Schmidt, first, 11th grade, Jefferson High School (JHS); Kendra Lien, second, 10th grade, JHS; Tyra Johnson, third, 9th grade, DMS.

Winners for the 3D category include: Dan Roers, first, 9th grade, DMS; Chad Blank, second, 9th grade, DMS; Madison Groettum, third, 12th grade, JHS.

The event was sponsored by the Alexandria Public Schools Education Foundation and the Jefferson High School Student "A" Club.