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Area Girl Scouts earn awards

At the annual Girl Scouts meeting held in Duluth on Saturday, January 26, (left to right) Tricia Andrews, program coordinator for the awards, presented awards to Crystal Krohnfeldt, bronze; Brooklyn Krohnfeldt, silver; and Alicia Krohnfeldt, gold. (Contributed photo)

Local Girl Scouts Alicia Krohnfeldt, Brooklyn KrohnFeldt and Crystal Krohnfeldt, all sisters, attended the Girl Scouts annual meeting in Duluth on Saturday, January 26.

Alicia is a junior at Jefferson High School in Alexandria and earned her gold award for pet help. Her mission is to guide pet owners to learn the basic care of animals.

She made pamphlets for new pet owners and 22 pamphlets for the most common pets that people own. Her hope is that when kids want a pet, they have a guide to help them take care of the pet properly so it does not end up in the Humane Society or abandoned.

Brooklyn is a freshman at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria. She did her silver award project with two other Girl Scouts, Lexi Bear and Karina Carlsen.

They created a DVD on Girl Scout ceremonies along with kits made up of supplies needed for the ceremonies to check out at the Girl Scout office. Their mission was to give a visual aid to troop leaders to perform Girl Scout ceremonies.

Crystal is a 6th grader at Voyager Elementary School in Alexandria. She did her bronze award with Troop 836. They made Pet Upons for the local Humane Society and Area Lakes Rescue.

Their mission was to help animals feel comfortable during a rescue and while at the humane society. The Pet Upons go home with the pet when it is adopted.