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Meet 'The Snoop' on stage at Lakes Area Theatre

The cast and crew of The Scarf and Nobody Loves Me includes (left to right) Karen Gladen, Kent Garlinghouse, Daniel Roers, Kara Gerdes, Marissa Senstad, Mike Roers, David Christman, Keri Mohror, Tim Long and Al Senstad. (Contributed Photo)

Lakes Area Theatre (LAT) in Alexandria is offering the following productions this week:


Chauncey McCade is The Snoop in the Friday, May 4 show at LAT. In this episode, the veteran detective faces city hall, the mob, the demise of his favorite hangout and cement shoes, which make it impossible to swim.

The Snoop was written by Iowa playwright Dave Patterson and will be performed at 7 p.m. It is directed by Ann Hermes and stars Chuck Grussing, Nancy Berns, Tim Ray, Kent Garlinghouse, Amanda Richards and Bruce Wegner. Gary Lund will perform the sound effects with Dedra Zwieg on the keyboard.


Two tales of suspense hit the airwaves on KXRA 1490 AM this Sunday, May 6 at 12:30 p.m.

The first begins in exotic Egypt at a bazaar, when a scarf is bought as a present. Is the scarf cursed?

The second tale is of a serial murderer turning himself in to the cops so he can tell his chilling life story in Nobody Loves Me.

Ann Hermes directed both shows. The cast/crew includes Al Senstad, David Christman, Kara Gerdes, Tim Long, Keri Mohror, Daniel Roers, Kent Garlinghouse and, in her debut role, Marissa Senstad. Karen Gladen was on keyboard with Mike Roers providing sound effects.

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For information, call the box office at (320) 808-3841. Past shows are available on the LAT website at