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'The Scarf' and 'Nobody Loves Me' at LAT Friday

Cast and Crew of The Tenth Planet include (left to right) Lindsey Johnston, Bruce Wegner, Haley Wegner, Tim Long, Becky Byrne and Ben Klipfel. (Contributed)

Lakes Area Theatre (LAT) in Alexandria is offering the following productions this week:


The following short stories will be performed at Lakes Area Theatre in Alexandria on Friday, April 20 at 7 p.m.

History is a fascinating thing. Humans track history in many ways. But how do objects track their histories?

The history of a scarf from Egypt takes on sinister tones in the short story The Scarf.

More suspense ensues on the stage when a second short story is performed. Nobody Loves Me chronicles the life of a boy to manhood whose warped mind copes in criminal ways through murder.

The shows are directed by Ann Hermes and star Al Senstad, David Christman, Kara Gerdes, Keri Mohror, Marissa Senstad, Daniel Roers and Kent Garlinghouse in ensemble work. Music is by Karen Gladen with Mike Roers providing sound effects.


Science fiction fans take note - action comes from The Tenth Planet on Sunday, April 22 at 12:30 p.m. on KXRA 1490 AM. Find out what the aliens have in store and why.

"It's only a matter of time," says the main character. "They know our weakness and they know our strength. They will conquer and rule the Earth. It's only a matter of time....the time it takes to reach Earth from the Tenth Planet."

The show was directed by Quincy Roers and stars Tim Long, Ben Klipfel, Becky Byrne, Bruce Wegner and Hayley Wegner. Lindsey Johnston performed the sound effects with some effects edited in post-production.