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Founders Day to be featured in Kensington

The Kensington Area Heritage Society will kick-off the 125th anniversary of the founding of the village at the society's annual "History Day with Eleanor."

Kensington, like many towns and villages throughout America, owes its existence to railroad construction. In this case, it was the Minneapolis and Pacific investors, led by W.D. Washburn, who set upon laying track from the flour mills at St. Anthony Falls to Dakota Territory.  Stations were established at various points along the rail line to collect grain destined for the mills. Land owned by Peter Johnson in Solem Township, Douglas County was selected for one such station.  

Washburn agreed to have a town site platted and in March 1887 the plat map for Kensington was recorded in official public documents.

History Day with Eleanor will be held Saturday, February 25 in Kensington's Community Center. Doors open at 10:30 a.m. for exhibit viewing, door prize registration and conversation.  

A luncheon, catered by Kensington Café, will be served at noon. For reservations: (320) 965-2573 or by February 21.

The afternoon program will begin with a brief introduction to the Washburn family.  A slide show will feature pioneers who had settled the area prior to the railroad's existence.

A short play titled The Rail Line is Laid; A Village is Founded, written by Ruth Johnson, Heritage Society member, will conclude the program.