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Theatre L'Homme Dieu gears up for 51st season

One of this year's performances at TLHS is Guys On Ice, which will hit the stage July 12-17.

Theatre L'Homme Dieu's (TLHD) 51st season starts on the summer solstice; both are indicators that summer has officially begun.

TLHD's new model, now in its third year, brings the best of Minnesota's theater to the lakes region for one-week runs in June, July and August.

Triple Espresso, the highly caffeinated comedy that opens the season, is a 21st century vaudeville show that breeds infectious laughter. Reuniting a musician, magician and entertainer, Triple Espresso has run in Minneapolis for 15 years, throughout the country, and in Europe because of its comic and musical appeal to everyone from 1st graders to college students, from baby boomers to grandparents.

From musical comedies like Guys On Ice and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to the Pulitzer-winning drama Proof to the rock extravaganza Power Balladz, TLHD promises to be indispensable to the cultural climate of Alexandria and Central Minnesota.

"Never have we felt the support of local businesses, residents as season ticket holders, sponsors and advertisers as we are in 2011," said executive director Chris Denton.

Our Derby event at the Alexandria Golf Club on May 7 brought long-time and brand new theater patrons together to celebrate the role our institution plays in the summer life of the area.

With 150 people sporting costumes reflective of "someone's vision" of the Kentucky Derby, the theater's board of directors has determined that this would be an annual soiree to welcome the change of seasons and call attention to the venerable venue on the shores of Lake Le'Homme Dieu, where the parking is free and the sights - onstage and off stage - are always gorgeous.

Board member and realtor Linda Akenson boasts, "I was brought to TLHD's first show in 1961 and I've come ever since. It now defines summer for my family and I am thrilled to support it. I am Theatre L'Homme Dieu's greatest cheerleader, advocate, and ambassador."

The 1920s lodge that anchored Miller's Resort through the 1950s (on the site that now hosts TLHD) will now be named for Linda and her husband, Tom, for their extraordinary and longstanding support of their beloved non-profit.

Dramas, comedies, and musicals for all generations are what can now be expected on the evenings of the dog days of summer on County Road 120.

Tickets are still cheap - $17.50 to $22.50 - and there are performances every day of the week except Monday. Season tickets ($85 and $100) are available, allowing one to see all of the following shows:

Triple Expresso - June 21-26.

Proof - July 5-10.

Guys on Ice - July 12-17.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels -July 26-31.

Power Balladz - August 2-7.

The Box Office opens June 7 and can be reached at (320) 846-3150.