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2010 is a promising year for Maritime Museum

Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum guests enjoyed one of the many beautiful restored boats on display in the museum's new North Gallery.

Greetings from the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum!

The museum was originally founded by a group of people with a passion for wood boats.

The museum houses a wonderful collection of antique and classic watercraft, grand hotel and resort history, fishing memorabilia, and family memories of "going to the lake."

It is now a gathering place for the community and a keystone in the redevelopment of the north end of downtown Alexandria. The future of the museum depends on us continually finding ways to be relevant, and useful, to the community. The mission of the museum has grown much beyond our original dreams.

The Alexandria City Council has given us permission to develop a "Maritime Park" area adjacent to the north side of the museum. By expanding the museum outside of the walls, we will create a green, family-oriented area that is also easily accessible by the bike path.

This park will allow us to become a more diverse facility and offers all types of educational potential. We have received input from the city park department, the local public utility, a number of service clubs and private businesses about how we can develop this area for the benefit of the community.

Watch for more information as plans progress.

As our mission grows to be more relevant to the Alexandria community, we have undertaken several steps to expand and strengthen our board of directors.

We have added three new board members from the community, including Dennis Martinson of Glenwood State Bank, Tom Schabel of Alexandria Extrusion and Patty Wicken of KXRA-Radio. We are also contacting an advisory committee comprised of members that have regional and national exposure, with an interest in the museum and the experience and knowledge to contribute.

We think that this expanded board, with the assistance of the advisory board, will help us sustain our growing organization.

Our exhibits are continually changing; we are always offering something new to the community. Our new gallery includes a new Chris Craft exhibit sponsored by the Alexandria Clinic, PA.

Plans are under way for a "world class" exhibit featuring Gar Wood, famous industrialist and boat racer who spent several years, as a youth, in Osakis. The new addition also allowed a reshuffling of our existing displays and construction of a new exhibit featuring the history of Larson Boat Works from Little Falls.

2010 is a promising and exciting year for everyone involved with the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum. We welcome volunteers to join in the fun and we have many ways that your talents can be shared. We welcome you to come and check it out.

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome, and we look forward to seeing you at the museum.

We are open seven days a week - Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m.

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