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4'H'ers 'Share the Fun' at annual event

The Liberty Livewires received "most entertaining" honors for their skit, "Simpler Times."

Douglas County 4-H recently held its annual Share the Fun contest at Osakis High School. Share the Fun promotes fun and teamwork, encourages creativity, recognizes talent, promotes confidence, develops public presentation skills and provides opportunities for multi-aged interaction.

Three clubs performed skits and seven youth performed a talent selection.

The following clubs received the Award of Excellence: Spruce Hill Rangers, "ABCs of 4-H;" Liberty Livewires, "Simpler Times;" and GoBees, "Guess Who."

Special awards went to the Liberty Livewires for the most entertaining; GoBees for the best costume; and Spruce Hill Rangers for best 4-H theme. Liberty Livewires was the winner of the state fair trip, with GoBees the state fair alternate.

The following youth received the Award of Excellence for their talent selection: Kayla Parent, Megen Way and Miranda Novak of the Chippewans for their humorous improvisation skit; Shane Massmann of the Fancy Farmers for his recorder solo, "Spring" by Vivaldi; Eric Branch of the GoBees for his violin solo, "Petite Bourree" by Angelo de Prosse; Josh Brezina of the Lucky Stars for his violin solo, "Ode to Joy" and "Servant Song," arranged by Josh Brezina; and Patrick Wagner of Moe 4-H for his piano solo, "El Zapateado" by Dennis Alexander.

Receiving first place was Eric Branch, second place was Patrick Wagner, and third place was Josh Brezina.