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Meet the Garfield firefighters

The Garfield Fire Department will host its first Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser on Sunday, June 2 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Garfield Fire Hall, Sanstead Street East.

The public is invited to attend. The cost is $7 for adults and free for kids 4 years or younger.

The public will have the opportunity to meet the firefighters, see the operations and learn more about how the Garfield Fire Department serves the greater community, according to Fire Chief Todd Carlson.

Event sponsors are Appert's Foods, Bell State Bank and Trust and Glenwood State Bank.

The mission of the Garfield Fire Department is the protection, preservation and well-being of the health, safety, and property of all persons residing, working or otherwise within the Garfield Community Services District.

For more information about the department, contact Carlson at (320) 815-5445.