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Foster Grandparents are angels among us

By Pat Scherf

Foster Grandparent Program

Area Supervisor

Many of us believe there are “angels among us.” There are people in this world who seem to exist for the purpose of being kind, generous and caring. We probably don’t notice them until some specific event perks up our eyes and ears and helps us to sense the beauty of what they do, but, yes, those people still exist!

The Grandmas and Grandpas of your Central Minnesota Foster Grandparent Program are those types of people. They are angels who float off to schools, preschools and other non-profits where there are children who need them.

Some children need them a lot and some only need them a little bit. These volunteers serve the needs of children when they need it most. They wrap their wings around the kids to give comfort, offer whispering words that touch the tender, struggling hearts, and smile with approval and support.

These school Grandmas and Grandpas are there, day after day, all school year long with the children. They are in the classrooms, on the playgrounds, riding on school buses, and sitting with them at lunch time.

These volunteers are with the children for reading and math, for holiday parties, music program rehearsals and required testing days. They miss the children when they are not there, and in turn, the children and site staff miss them.

These extra hands, extra ears and extra eyes are so appreciated by all involved. They are big-hearted-angels among us who do whatever they can do to help the children.