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Going strong at 109

Hermina Wahlin (right), a resident of the Evansville Care Campus, will celebrate her 109th birthday on November 26. She is visited every day by her daughter, Delores, 83, who also lives in Evansville. An open house will be held in Hermina’s honor. Details are below. (Tara Bitzan/Echo Press)

Hermina Wahlin of Evansville will celebrate an impressive milestone on November 26 – her 109th birthday. While friends and family are planning a celebration, she doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

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“I might skip the country!” she said with a grin, as her family members talked about the party.

Wahlin is quite matter-of-fact about her age. She says there are no secrets to longevity that she knows of.

“I guess early to bed, early to rise,” she said of the only thing she can think of that may have gotten her this far.

Despite her age, Wahlin is in good physical health.

“I feel good most of the time,” she said. Even a fall about two years ago didn’t do much damage, with Wahlin only suffering a couple broken toes.

She wears hearing aids to help her hear and is blind in one eye. She still gets around with the help of a walker and knows exactly what’s going on.

She has two children, three grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

“One was just born a few weeks ago!” she said fondly of the great-great-grandson she hasn’t yet met.

Another thing that hasn’t been affected by age is Wahlin’s memory. She is quick with facts about her family and the community.

Hermina Johnson was born in 1904 and was married to David Wahlin “Seventy one years and five months,” she said proudly.

She also fondly remembers her childhood home – a house that still stands today just two miles outside of Evansville.

“I was born, baptized, confirmed and married in that house,” she said.

The lifelong Evansville resident has called the Evansville Care Campus home for the past six years.

“I like it here,” she said.

Hermina isn’t the only family member celebrating a long life. David died in 1998 at age 95 and the couple’s daughters are both still living. Shirley, who lives in Nevada, is 86 and Delores, who resides in Evansville, is 83. Delores visits her mother every day.

When asked about looking forward to her 110th birthday next year, Wahlin replied, “I just take it one day at a time.”

OPEN HOUSE An open house birthday celebration is planned for Hermina Wahlin’s 109th birthday on Tuesday, November 26 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Evansville Care Campus. The public is welcome.

Greetings can also be sent to:

Hermina Wahlin

C/O Evansville Care Campus

649 State Street

Evansville, MN 56326

Tara Bitzan

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