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High school seniors take part in Career Mentor Connection 2014

Seniors from Jefferson High School in Alexandria participated in Career Mentor Connection 2014. The full year, two-credit course gives seniors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a profession that is of interest to them.

The program is intended to give each student a better understanding and appreciation for an identified career and a realistic view of his or her potential in that field.

The following students participated in the mentorship. They shared their experiences at a banquet on May 27.


Jordan Massmann, daughter of Rod and Gail Massmann, mentored with Marilyn Craig at the Douglas County Hospital, Pat Perryman at Knute Nelson, Laurie Dykema at Grand Arbor and Ashley Steen in Home Health Care. Her project was on dementia and how it affects the elderly. Her favorite part was seeing all the different careers that are available in the nursing field. She plans to study at ATCC next fall to pursue nursing.


Kacy McCormick, daughter of Tena and Mike McCormick, mentored at Trumm Drug, Douglas County Hospital, the Community Behavioral Health Hospital and Walgreen’s Pharmacy. She observed pharmacists and the tasks they complete on a daily basis. She plans to major in pharmacy at North Dakota State University.


Megen Way, daughter of Jeff and Jane Way, mentored with the staff at Knute Nelson and with Marilyn Craig at the Douglas County Hospital. Her project was on home care and how it is growing in the health care field. Way’s favorite part was when she got the opportunity to mentor at home care and hospice through Knute Nelson. Next year, she plans to attend Concordia College in Moorhead for nursing.


Haley Seward, daughter of Bob and Shawn Seward, mentored with Tara Bitzan at the Echo Press. Second semester, she mentored with Nancy Kiger, the school psychologist, at Voyager and Woodland Elementary schools. Her project was about helping a second grade girl with her homework and setting up a reward system. Her favorite part was seeing the progress the girl made. Seward plans to attend Florida Southern College for psychology.


Katie Halbur, daughter of Dan and Teresa, mentored with registered nurses and Marilyn Craig at the Douglas County Hospital first semester, where she witnessed the birth of a baby. Second semester, she mentored with Heather Scholl at the Alexandria Clinic. Her project was on preventable birth defects. She plans to attend Minnesota State University, Mankato in the fall to pursue a family nurse practitioner career.


Tayler Kaufman, daughter of Tom and Kristi Schabel, mentored with special education teachers Julie Duncan at Jefferson High School and Amy Staples at Discovery Middle School. Her project was on debating the pros and cons of whether a student with special needs should be mainstreamed into classes. She plans to attend Minnesota State University Moorhead for special education in the fall.


Manford Foster, son of Sean and Shelli-Kae Foster, mentored with John Helgeson in physical therapy at Alexandria Clinic and Nicholas Larson, a fifth grade teacher at Voyager Elementary School. His project involved planning a lesson, creating a pre-test and post-test to evaluate student progress and teaching. He plans to attend Augsburg College for elementary education.


Darbi Crowe, daughter of Wade and Shelli Crowe, mentored with Mrs. Erickson, a kindergarten teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. Her project was experimenting different ways of teaching that could help different levels of learning with lectures and games. She plans to study at Minnesota State University Moorhead for elementary education in the fall.


Rachel Sjostrand, daughter of Jeff and Kim Sjostrand, mentored with Nancy Kiger at Woodland and Voyager Elementary in school psychology, Shari Prause at Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center in business and human resources, and Julie Oberding at Douglas County Hospital in occupational therapy. Her project was to research the previous theory of having a dominant “right” or “left” brain and disproving this theory. This fall, she plans to attend the University of North Dakota for psychology and later plans to get a masters or doctorate.


Talayia Skillings, daughter of Rick and Mary Skillings, mentored at Salon Panache with Janelle Moreno. Her project was about Argan oil for hair. She also put together a slide show of some of the hair and nails designs she has done over this year. This fall, she plans to attend Model College of Hair Design in St. Cloud.


Alicia Krohnfeldt, daughter of Mary and Lanny Krohnfeldt, mentored at Alexandria Veterinary Clinic first semester and Douglas County Animal Hospital second semester. She also shadowed at the Animal Doctor for a day. Her favorite part was having the opportunity to see the differences in each clinic at which she shadowed. She plans to attend Ridgewater College in Willmar and graduate in 2016 with her AAS degree in veterinary technology.


Gabby Yell, daughter of Arlen and Cynthia Yell, mentored with Rita Vanderwerf, a third grade teacher at Woodland Elementary School. She helped the students with their daily math homework, grading spelling tests and grading their cursive workbooks. She plans to attend University of Minnesota Moorhead for elementary education.


Kaylene Davis, daughter of Judy Davis, mentored with several lab technicians and the pathologists at the Douglas County Hospital. Over Christmas break, she mentored at the Country Vet with Karla Atwater. Starting second semester, she mentored at Widseth Smith Nolting with Deb Parrott, Reed Becker and Greg Bohl. Her final project consisted of a house designed on a piece of property near Lake Mary. She plans to enroll in the interior design program at Alexandria Technical and Community College this fall.


Tyler Carlson, son of Kristy Carlson and Todd and Melissa Carlson, mentored with Jessica Chipman in theater arts at Discovery Middle School. His project was to direct a play written by Jessica Chipman, Neighborhood Sampling. He plans to study acting and directing at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City.