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Local students excel at Tri-College Mathematics Contest

Alexandria’s Lower High School team finished second out of 8 teams.1 / 2
2 / 2

Fifty-one 7th-12th grade students from Discovery Middle School and Jefferson High School in Alexandria traveled to North Dakota State University on Wednesday, March 19 to participate in the Tri-College Mathematics Contest.

The contest was divided into three divisions: middle school (grades 6-8), lower high school (grades 9-10) and senior high school (grades 11-12).

In each division, teams of eight students competed to achieve the highest individual and team scores. Awards were given to the top three teams and the top 10 individuals.

More than 200 teams representing more than 1,600 middle and high school students participated in the contest.

In the middle school division, out of 77 schools, the team of Christopher Bienusa, Jon Hubred, Olivia Kopp, Wil Kopp, Bruce Navratil, Lauren Russell, CJ Schlosser and Luke Tollefson took fourth place.

Individually, out of 592 students, Wil Kopp earned third place and Schlosser took eighth.

Alexandria took second place out of 68 schools in the lower high school division. Team members included Matthew Bittmann, Laura Dahlquist, Jake Wheeler, Abigail Eck, Henri Santelman, Jazmin Steidl, Kimberly Snell and Laura Timm.

Bittmann placed third individually out of more 540 students.

In the senior high division, 69 teams competed. The Alexandria team finished in seventh place.

Team scores for this event are calculated by combining the scores of eight pre-selected individuals on individual exams and points earned during a team exam.

During the individual test, students have 45 minutes to complete 40 problems without a calculator. During the team test, the eight members have 20 minutes to complete 10 questions with the use of a calculator.