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Winners for Student Showcase contests announced

Jean Bristow, Alexandria Education Foundation board member, presents a 206 Points of Pride certificate and check to Peyton Green, 6th grade, Voyager Elementary School, for her third place winning project in the Student Showcase grades 5-6 op art category. (Contributed)1 / 2
Greg Trumm, Alexandria Education Foundation chairperson, reads the second place winning entry in the grades 7-8 creative writing contest category submitted by a beaming FranSis Olmscheid, 8th grade, Discovery Middle School. (Contributed)2 / 2

The winners for the fifth annual District 206 Student Showcase Celebration were announced at the event held at Discovery Middle School (DMS) on Thursday, March 20.

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The event, sponsored by the Alexandria Education Foundation (AEF) and the Jefferson High School (JHS) A Club, showcases the talent and creative projects of District 206 students.

There were first ($50), second ($25) and third ($15) place prizes in four categories.

In the grades 5-8 and 9-12 creative writing category, students could write an original piece under an open theme and open genre. Judging was based on the criteria of originality and creativity, clarity and writing conventions.

In the optical illusion art (op art) category in grades 5-8, students were required to create an original look of 3D on a 2D surface.

The visual art category in grades 9-12 was open to any medium of art. The emphasis was on the creative process and the employment of design elements.

Judging was done by community volunteers with art and/or writing experience.


Grades 5-6

1st: Lauren Albrecht, 5th grade, Voyager

2nd: Summer Gerhardt, 6th grade, Carlos

3rd: Katie Erlandson, 6th grade, Carlos

Grades 7-8

1st: Kathryn Freese, 8th grade, DMS

2nd: FranSis Olmscheid, 8th grade, DMS

3rd: Emersyn Harris, 7th grade, DMS

Grades 9-12

1st: Jude Pelowski, 10th grade, JHS

2nd: Sarah Buse, 10th grade, JHS

3rd: Isabelle Hartokolis, 10th grade, JHS


Grades 5-6

1st: Owen Olson, 5th grade, Voyager

2nd: Nick Nelson, 5th grade, Voyager

3rd: Peyton Green, 6th grade, Voyager

Grades 7-8

1st: Stormy Hegg, 7th grade, DMS

2nd: Adam Hoeper, 7th grade, DMS

3rd: Megan Van Gaal, 7th grade, DMS



Grades 9-12

1st: Ashley Schaffer, 10th grade, JHS

2nd: Tiara Windhorst, 9th grade, DMS

3rd: Jade Bollman, 9th grade, DMS