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Students take ‘time’ to be creative

Carlos winners are Aiden Kluver (left) and Noah Beulke. (Contributed)1 / 6
Garfield winners are August Gulbranson (left) and Sonja Braund. (Contributed) 2 / 6
Lincoln winners are (back row, left to right) Isabella Greathouse, Alayna Strand, Maci Tilleskjor, (front) Madeline Boe, Tylee Golden-Bordeaux and Mia Haugen. (Contributed)3 / 6
Miltona winners are Ali Pexsa (left) and Sadie McManigle. (Contributed)4 / 6
Voyager winners are (left to right) Calen Piepho, Landon Seward, Macy Stender, Isaac Kent, Sydney Jacobson and Jordan Nicholson. (Contributed)5 / 6
Woodland winners are (left to right) Jack Struck, Zander Homelvig, Kyle Tvrdik, Abby Klitzke, Sydney Menk and Allie Trombley. (Contributed)6 / 6

District 206 elementary schools recently took place in a Take “Time” to Be Creative contest.

Students in grades 1-6 were asked to create a clock or watch made entirely out of duct tape, newspaper and cardboard.

Prizes were awarded for two divisions: grades 1-3 and grades 4-6.

Students brought their creations to the art room to be displayed in the media center during conferences.

The creations were judged based on creative use of materials, complexity of design and “use-a-bility.”

The following students, arranged by school, were awarded prizes for their creations:

Lincoln: Mia Haugen, 2nd grade; Madeline Boe, 2nd grade; Tylee Golden-Bordeaux, 3rd grade; Alayna Strand, 5th grade; Maci Tilleskjor, 5th grade; Isabella Greathouse, 6th grade.

Voyager: Sydney Jacobson, 2nd grade; Landon Seward, 3rd grade; Jordan Nicholson, 3rd grade; Calen Piepho, 4th grade; Macy Stender, 5th grade; Isaac Kent, 5th grade.

Woodland: Kyle Tvrdik, 1st grade; Allie Trombley, 2nd grade; Sydney Menk, 2nd grade; Zander Homelvig, 4th grade; Abby Klitzke, 4th grade; Jack Struck, 5th.

Garfield: August Gulbranson, 3rd grade; Sonja Braund, 4th grade.

Carlos: Noah Beulke, 2nd grade; Aiden Kluver, 5th grade.

Miltona: Sadie McManigle, 2nd grade; Ali Pexsa, 4th grade.