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Alexandria Math League competes at two meets

The Jefferson High School (JHS) Math League recently participated in the CLC Math Contest, as well as its fourth meet of the season. Both events were held on Wednesday, January 29 in Alexandria.

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The Alexandria Team finished second in both competitions.

   The CLC Math Contest team scores were as follows: St. Cloud Tech (309), Alexandria (242), Sartell (242), Rocori (211), Fergus Falls (180) and Apollo (63). Alexandria and Sartell tied, but the Alexandria team was awarded second place based on answering more tie breaker questions correctly.

Alexandria’s Ben Tollefson, Ally Timm and Marissa Wheeler earned all-conference honorable mention honors for placing 16th-25th. Tollefson answered 35 of 40 questions correctly. He tied with one other student for 16th place. Wheeler and Timm both answered 33 of 40 questions correctly and finished in 24th and 25th place, respectively.

For the fourth meet of the season, Alexandria’s top individual scorer was Eric Branch with seven points. He was followed by Matthew Bittman, Lucas Brito and Halley Score, who each scored six points.

Team scores are calculated by combining the scores of eight preselected individuals on individual exams and points earned during a team exam. During the individual rounds, students have 12 minutes to complete four math problems.

The problems cover different topics in algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry and pre-calculus.

Teams are awarded season points based on where they place at each meet. Alexandria is currently first in the division. The team with the highest season point total will earn a trip to the state tournament in March.

The team’s final meet will be held Monday, February 10 in Fergus Falls.