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District 206 announces spelling bee winners

The 2014 District 206 Spelling Bee top finishers are (left to right) Zachary Kent (5th grade, Lincoln, runner-up), Beau Granning (7th grade, Discovery, champion). (Contributed)1 / 2
The District 206 Elementary Spelling Bee grade level champions are (left to right) Maia Fuglestad, Woodland; Dekker Olson, Woodland; Mitchell Nelson, Voyager; Amanda Bittmann, Voyager; Colin Rosha, Woodland; Preston Peterson, Lincoln. (Contributed)2 / 2

Seventy students in grades 1-6 participated in the District 206 Elementary Spelling Bee held Tuesday, January 21 at Lincoln Elementary School in Alexandria.

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The top scoring students during the written portion of the competition advanced to the oral round.

Following are the oral round participants and grade level champions, with the final words they spelled correctly to win:

1st grade: Kassie Knudson and Simon Moritz (Lincoln), Paislee Dummer (Voyager), Maia Fuglestad (Woodland) and Corryn Kramer (Carlos).

Grade level champion: Fuglestad – bubbly, almond.

2nd grade: Mitchell Nelson (Voyager), Hailey Brittin and Diani Larson (Woodland).

Grade level champion: Nelson – acid, lipstick.

3rd grade: Hannah Skillings (Lincoln), Kody Chen (Voyager), Colin Rosha and Kamryn Lindstrom (Woodland).

Grade level champion: Rosha – liquid, pirate.

4th grade: Ashur Nelson and Ellie Andreasen (Lincoln), Dekker Olson and Laurie Clarstrom (Woodland).

Grade level champion: Olson – reptile, opera.

5th grade: Preston Peterson, Zachary Kent, and Elijah Holthaus (Lincoln), Ru Zhong (Voyager).

Grade level champion: Peterson (Lincoln) – exhibit, frolicking.

6th grade: Justin Larson (Lincoln), Amanda Bittmann (Voyager), Joslyn Swenson and Donny Helfrich (Woodland).

Grade level champion: Bittmann – stucco, gorgeous.

Sixteen students representing 1,150 students in grades 5-8 competed in the annual District 206 Spelling Bee held Friday, January 24 at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria.

The students included the top eight students in 5th and 6th grades and top spellers from 7th and 8th grade listed below.

The District Bee determined who will represent District 206 at the Regional Spelling Bee.

Student participants from 7th and 8th grades were:

7th grade: Beau Granning, Jon Hubred, Matt Donley and Parker Olson.

8th grade: Kendra Keith, Alli Prestby, Luci DiCenso and Max Harkias.

After taking a written test consisting of 40 words, the following 10 spellers advanced to the oral round (listed in alphabetical order by grade level) Luci DiCenso, Max Harkias, Kendra Keith and Alli Prestby (8); Matt Donley, Beau Granning, Jon Hubred and Parker Olson (7); Amanda Bittmann (6); Zachary Kent (5).

After 11 rounds and correctly spelling the words dermatitis and panacea, Beau Granning was declared the District 206 Spelling Bee champion and Zachary Kent the runner-up.

Granning and Kent will represent District 206 by competing at the Regional Spelling Bee on Tuesday, February 11 at the Bigwood Event Center in Fergus Falls.