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Alexandria team takes first in third Math League meet

The Jefferson High School (JHS) and Discovery Middle School Math League had its third meet of the season on Monday, December 16. The Alexandria team finished in first.

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Tollefson, top scorerTeam scores were Alexandria (68), Pelican Rapids (49), Moorhead (27), Fergus Falls (24), and Breckenridge (23).

Alexandria’s top individual scorer for this meet was Ben Tollefson with 11 points.

Other meet participants included Matthew Bittman, Carl Branch, Eric Branch, Megan Bristow, Lucas Brito, Emelia Carlson, Laura Dahlquist, Katie Gieseke, Hattie Gompf, Taryn Kay, Tyler Kay, Mitchell Maday, Nicole Minnerath, Heidi Moe, Thomas Pederson, Ben Pryzbilla, Will Reed, Peter Rohr, Jana Roste, Henri Santleman, Halley Score, Haley Seward, Kim Snell, Jazmin Steidl, Dalton Struck-Nosal, Ally Timm, Ben Tollefson, Cody Weisel, Jake Wheeler and Marissa Wheeler.

Team scores are calculated by combining the scores of eight preselected individuals on individual exams and points earned during a team exam. During the individual rounds, students have 12 minutes to complete four math problems.

The problems cover different topics in algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry and pre-calculus.

Alexandria’s next meet is Monday, January 27 in Fergus Falls.