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5th graders invited to enter essay contest

Fifth grade students in all Douglas County schools are invited to participate in an essay contest organized by the Douglas County Cemetery Association (DCCA).

The theme for the contest is, “What stories can the stones tell?” Local sponsors and veterans groups are providing funds to offer $75, $50 and $25 awards to three students from each school.

Students are encouraged to visit cemeteries, interview family members, talk with local military veterans or their families, ask questions of local cemetery board members or review cemetery archives at the Douglas County Historical Society (DCHS).

Contest information is available through classroom teachers. Completed entries must be returned to the schools by October 15. Winners will be announced after October 21.

Several essays will be included at the November 11 Veteran’s Day service, and all essays will be archived in book form at the DCHS.

The DCCA was organized as a non-profit in 1996 and has a membership of 42 local cemeteries. It is the only county association in the state and is affiliated with the DCHS.

Additional funding sponsors are sought to continue and to expand the annual essay contest. Contact John Chlian, DCCA president, at (320) 763-7409 for details.