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Kiwanians speak to youth about respect

During the past couple years, Alexandria School District 206 has developed a Respect Committee made up of a variety of members. There are a variety of people serving, including District 206 staff, community members, students and parents. The committee's sole focus is creating a respectful environment at all levels among all students and staff.

Recently, this message was shared with the student body of Discovery Middle School (DMS) in Alexandria. A few members on the Respect Committee are also members of the Golden Kiwanis. These are generally retired professionals of the community who serve an active role in helping local youth. They have been a part of many programs, for example: Terrific Kids, the Salvation Army and Meals on Wheels.

A group from Golden Kiwanis spoke to each homebase class at DMS and shared the message of the importance of respect. They not only discussed how important it was to be respectful, but they left students with a reminder of their good deed.

Each student received a blue bracelet with white writing to match the District's Code of Conduct signage, printed with the word "Respect." The hope is that this will serve as a daily reminder to students the importance of being respectful to everyone.