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School days, school days...

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About 20 people attended a reunion held at the Douglas County Fair for those who attended the District 69 School, which is now located on the fairgrounds. The reunion was held Saturday, August 20.

The district, located halfway between Carlos and Miltona at the crossroads of County Road 5 and the Carlos/Miltona Road, started in 1884 and lasted until 1954. Sixteen pupils attended the first year. Teachers in the 1880s were paid between $24 and $28 a month.

Among the classmates at the reunion were 1940 graduate Gerald Feda, who served as a state representative for eight years, and his brother, John Feda, who was the state commissioner of education from 1981 to 1983. The oldest students attending the reunion were Ella Froemming Schulke and Helena Ritten Schultz, who are now 95 and 96.