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Knowledge Bowl team fared well at first meet

The Discovery Middle School (DMS) Knowledge Bowl team recently participated at the Central Lakes Cooperative's first junior high meet in Fergus Falls. The team placed first in every round and scored the highest overall score in junior high competition.

Knowledge Bowl is an academic competition much like Jeopardy, in which students use their academic knowledge to answer questions in teams of three to five students. Competition consists of one written round that places teams for three consecutive rounds of oral competition. The teams with the most correct answers win.

Members of the DMS team who participated in the meet were Tristan Agar, Matthew Bittmann, Carl Branch, Eric Branch, Levi Duwenhoegger, Lydia Gusaas, Isabelle Hartokolis, Tatum Piere, Matthew Roers, Peter Rohr, Alexander Roth and Cody Weisel, all 7th and 8th graders.