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If the shoe fits

Woodland winners include Emily Bear, Allie Prestby, Abbi Koenen, Nicole Brittin, Kaylee Weigel, Kathy Freese and CJ Schlosser.1 / 3
Lincoln winners include (back) Jeremy Hom, Hunber Melton; (front) Gabriael Moore, Hailey Hoffman; (not pictured) Kodi Bundermann.2 / 3
Voyager winners include (back) Sydney Jordahl and Kimberly Snell; (front) Abby DeReamer and Issac Kent.3 / 3

Alexandria Distict 206 students showed just how creative they could be at the recent Step Up to Creative Thinking challenge.

Students in grades 1-12 were invited to design and create a shoe using only newspaper, cardboard and duct tape.

The shoe had to fit the maker's foot, show creative use of materials and have some complexity in design.

The contest is sponsored to highlight Destination Imagination, a creative problem solving competition.

A photo gallery showing the shoe designs can be viewed at the district's website,; click on the Duct Tape Shoe Contest link.

Winners are as follows:

Lincoln School:

Gabriael Moore, 3rd Grade

Hailey Hoffman, 2nd Grade

Kodi Bundermann, 3rd Grade

Jeremy Holm, 4th Grade

Hunter Melton, 5th Grade

Voyager School:

Issac Kent, 1st Grade

Sydney Jordahl, 5th Grade

Kim Snell, 5th Grade

Abby DeReamer, 6th Grade

Woodland School:

Kaylee Weigel, 3rd Grade

Nicole Brittin, 3rd Grade

Abbi Koenen, 3rd Grade

Kathy Freese, 4th Grade

Alli Prestby, 4th Grade

CJ Schlosser, 4th Grade

Emily Bear, 6th Grade

Garfield School:

Jayden Riehl, 2nd Grade

Ford Johnson, 3rd Grade

Chris Call, 6th Grade

Carlos School:

Xavier Homelvig, 2nd Grade

Kelby Peterson, 5th Grade

Miltona School:

Sam McManigle, 1st Grade

Dakota Zollner, 3rd Grade

Discovery Middle School:

Eric Branch, 7th Grade.