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Cardinal pride

The JHS girls swimming and diving team earned 1st place honors in the homecoming parade. The boys cross country team was 2nd and the girls cross country team was 3rd.1 / 4
The JHS volleyball team showed their dark side as the "Spikin' Bikers" in the homecoming parade.2 / 4
A member of the JHS boys soccer team found a new use for a soccer ball - a parade mask.3 / 4
The JHS girls soccer team's parade entry involved a construction theme.4 / 4

Jefferson High School's homecoming was celebrated with a variety of activities last week, including coronation, the Education Foundation Hall of Fame luncheon, a parade, pep fests, a tailgate party and a dance. The celebration culminated with a victory over Bemidji in the homecoming football game, which was played at 3 p.m. Saturday. Photos can be found online at in a homecoming slideshow and in the Photo Gallery.