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Who do you think you are?

"You look just like your grandmother did at that age."

Has that been said to you? Or, "Your grandfather loved to sing, too. Maybe that's where you got it from."

Understandably, we are individuals with our own DNA. However, our ancestors play a big part in who we are today.

A new television series has begun on NBC with the title, "Who Do You Think You are?" It's designed to make us think. It does make me wonder. So, who do you think you are? Who are you and who do you want to be? How do you perceive yourself and why?

All are good questions.

Interestingly enough we received a phone call from an individual in California who saw the TV episode and began to ponder the question.

In one week alone we received calls from California, Oregon, Texas and Utah. It is not uncommon to get several out-of-state calls or e-mails in a week, however, with several Hollywood celebrity's bringing forward the concept of finding out about their ancestors, things seem to heat up a little faster for others as well!

Suddenly, it's pretty cool to discover new things about yourself based on who your ancestors were.

If you are interested in beginning a search for your ancestral roots, and you have roots in Douglas County, an obvious first place to check is the Douglas County Historical Society.

Our genealogy (research) library has census and naturalization records, extensive family files, church and cemetery records and birth and obituary records for public use (nominal fee or membership includes use of the records and resources).

Most family files have been created by family members who have taken the time to investigate and record their histories.

It is the business of the Douglas County Historical Society to help you get a start on your family genealogy. We have excellent people to show you how to use the resources we have.

Our volunteer researchers, fondly called "private investigators," know where and how to gather pertinent information to get you started and to guide you in your steps.

Our Genealogy Guild meets monthly (second Thursday of each month) to gather insights and recommendations to help each other in their pursuits to help a novice genealogist find out "who" he or she is.

It's amazing, it's powerful, it's fun and it's very important to put the story of your family together and pass the information along. If you or someone in your family does not do it, who will? We are here to help you find your roots.

The Douglas County Historical Society continues to fulfill its mission to discover, preserve and disseminate the history of Douglas County and its people. Stop in and see us; we will be happy to get you started! Call (320) 762-0382 or email