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A picture is worth a thousand words

When using the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words," we usually think that nothing needs to be said. Although the origin of the phrase is not clear, some attribute it to Napoleon; others say the phrase came from a Chinese proverb.

No matter the origin, we have all used it, and readers with an active imagination will have a chance to prove it.

Look closely at the contributed photo. At first, it appears to be just a romantic scene from the turn of the century. Now look again, and look carefully. I guarantee that you can't help but laugh! It could be one of those photos found on the front of a greeting card, but it actually was found in an Alexandria family's box of photos.

There is no information on the back of the photo. No names listed, no date or location. The historical society has an archive box full of unidentified photos that have been donated. Sadly, unidentified photos can be kept, but having information to go along with them would be priceless.

Now for the fun part. For those of you who like to spin a tall tale, the Douglas County Historical Society invites you to write a story around this unique photo, and for expediency, if possible, send it via e-mail to the historical society at

Selected stories will be shared at the "Old Timers Tea and Storytelling" on Thursday, June 12 in the Governor's Room at Nelson Gables. Storytelling and tea will be from 2 to 5 p.m. Call Kim or Rachel at (320) 762-0382 to register your attendance at this event.

If you have a unique family photo and know the story that goes along with it, bring that to the storytelling afternoon and share it.

Since the Alexandria Sesquicentennial is being celebrated this summer, what better time to reminisce, inspire young and old to write their stories, and keep the family memories alive.