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The barn gets a makeover

The makeover of The Barn includes vintage décor like old, decorative doors lining the walls. (Amy Chaffins/Echo Press)1 / 4
Amy Chaffins | Echo Press The Barn, a Holiday Inn venue, was recently spruced up with paint and décor. Most notable of the changes is a new lighting centerpiece floating above the dance floor. (Amy Chaffins/Echo Press)2 / 4
The Barn appropriately sports some barn-themed décor in the bar area as part of a recent makeover project. 3 / 4
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It’s fresh and contemporary, yet traditional and homey.

The Barn at the Holiday Inn in Alexandria has undergone a makeover.

“All the interior paint is new – any color other than white has been repainted,” said Serena Lehman, Holiday Inn’s event coordinator. “We chose paint colors that would work with other events too, not just weddings; business meetings, family events, things like that.”

They also replaced The Barn’s lighting, rearranged the catering space, spruced up the bar area and cleaned carpets.

“We have plans for new flooring, but we just didn’t have time to get that done before [a wedding on March 29].”

Plus, they took down old, dated décor and put up new vintage items that have a universal, shabby chic feel, items like decorative doors that line the walls and a stunning lighting fixture that floats above the dance floor.

Duane Rostad, Holiday Inn’s general manager/food and beverage, said “It was Serena’s vision to add a touch of class to the country and really give it a nice makeover.

“The barn has a cozy, country feel that’s very relaxing. We’ve operated this facility for many years and other than a fresh coat of paint to keep it current, we really hadn’t done anything to it in many years,” Rostad said.

“We gave [The Barn] some much needed TLC,” Lehman said.


Perhaps the biggest change was the removal of the old disco ball.

“I hope that doesn’t break anybody’s heart,” Lehman said.

The disco ball had twirled above The Barn’s dance floor since 1969.

Rostad said, for many people, there’s a strong, nostalgic fondness for The Barn.

“The community that spent time here back in the 1970s and ’80s feel a sense of ownership to The Barn,” Rostad said. “Serena wanted to preserve all of the aspects of The Barn that we’ve come to love but also give it a makeover so that it is even more welcoming and inviting. She had a strong vision without changing the charm.”

So far, there are 18 weddings booked for The Barn in 2014.

Plans are also under way for a special Barn Day open house in April to invite the community in to check out the barn makeover.

Lehman said an event date and time will be announced soon.

Amy Chaffins

Amy Chaffins is a journalist working for the Echo Press newspaper in Alexandria, Minnesota.

(320) 763-3133