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Calvary Lutheran Preschool celebrates new playground

Kids enjoy Calvary Lutheran Preschool’s new playground in Alexandria. The playground is for use by the church and preschool but is also open to all members of the community. (Contributed)

Calvary Lutheran Preschool in Alexandria recently obtained a new playground for all members of the community to enjoy.

The new playground will allow Calvary Lutheran preschoolers to have an outdoor time to explore and play and will help build relationships for children and families in the community.

The preschool teachers believe that the playground was not only needed for the church and preschool, but for Alexandria area parents and children to come together to meet others.

The preschool has been in operation for 24 years and is open to all children. It runs from September through May.

It serves children who are 33 months old through prekindergarten, and class size is limited to 14. The children can participate in half day sessions one, two, three or four times per week. Each session is two and one half-hours long.

The preschool’s goals are to develop a positive self-image in each child and to foster the joy of learning. It focuses on the whole child and his/her individual needs.

For more information about the preschool or Christian ministries offered at Calvary Lutheran Church, call the church office at (320) 763-5178.