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Murder charges reinstated in 2013 stabbing

The spirit of the season continues

The members of First Congregational United Church of Christ of Alexandria took advantage of the Christmas season in 2013 to enhance two of their mission projects, raising a total of $559.95 in donations.

 Each year, the members put on a free community dinner on Christmas Day to persons who would be alone. Although the dinner is free, many who attend make donations.

Those donations are saved until March when the money for food shelves is enhanced by the Food Banks and multiplied in purchasing value. The money raised this year was sent to the local food shelf.

In addition, the church also participates in the Tree of Lights. The lights of one of the Christmas trees enhancing the chancel are lit for each $14 donation received.

The Tree of Lights this year was dedicated to the Kindergarten Milk Break, sponsored by the United Way. The donations amounted to the $1,500 needed to provide milk to the kindergarten children of District 206 for one year.

Pastor Scott Keehn recently presented the check for the Milk Break project to Tabitha Kremmin of United Way.