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New York 9-11 bishop addresses area churches

Dr. Stephen Bouman (back, middle), who was the bishop of Metropolitan New York Synod ELCA during 9-11, visited with Brent Bennett of Lincoln Lutheran Church, Hoffman; Marvin Jensen of Nora Lutheran Church, Kensington; and (front) Nathan and Emma Saulsbury of First Lutheran Church, Kensington.

Dr. Stephen Bouman, ELCA executive director of Congregational and Synodical Mission in Chicago, preached Saturday evening at Lincoln Lutheran Church in Hoffman and Sunday morning at Shalom Lutheran Church in Alexandria.

On Sunday afternoon, he addressed a gathering of area congregation leaders at Shalom.

He spoke of the crisis of faith that comes with mind-numbing shock and grief. He also emphasized the importance of parents and grandparents in nurturing faith.

Bouman was the bishop of Metropolitan New York Synod ELCA during 9-11. He witnessed one of the hijacked planes flying by a window in his offices and watched the Twin Towers fall.

He is the founder of diakonia, a nation-wide training program that equips lay people for ministry.

He was invited to accompany congressional and religious leaders on trips to ease tensions in conflicted areas of the world, including Africa and Iran.

He recently authored a new book on the renewing of congregations and communities.