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Reading the Bible through is a marvelous enrichment

Greg Odell - Faithwalk Bible Church

A strange impulse seized me some time ago. I was to read the Bible from cover to cover and to allow no other reading whatsoever to interfere.

Whether the impulse was of the Holy Spirit, I know not. God knows. Anyway, I did it.

I averaged four and a half hours each day in His holy Word. I began with “In the beginning” (Gen. 1:1) and closed with “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.” (Rev. 22:21)

It was a marvelously enriching and strengthening spiritual experience. My heart can never escape the power and glory of it.

It was a feast of good things to eat. I ate locusts and wild honey with John the Baptist in the wilderness and Heaven-sent manna with the wandering Israelites in the desert.

I tasted the grapes of Eshcol and sat at the tables of King David and King Solomon.

I drank of the brook Cherith and was fed by the ravens. I feasted with the disciples in the Upper Room and sat down at the table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It was a triumphant tour of summer trips. I crossed the desert sands with Abraham from Ur of the Caldees. I journeyed with Joseph in the land of the pharaohs and followed Moses for 40 years.

I went abroad in the ships of Tarshish and glided in fishing smacks on the placid bosom of Galilee.

It was a university course. I studied the most accurate science of all the centuries concerning the origin of things. I delved into the world’s profoundest philosophy, read classic literature, followed the divine outlines of history, and was thrilled by the tender, sweetest poetry of all time.

It was a Bible conference. Doctors Moses, Isaiah and Paul were the principal speakers. I sat at their feet in rapt attention.

There were classes in theology and ecclesiology and eschatology and prophecy. There were many discussions, conferences and even debates on practical and doctrinal subjects. It was the greatest Bible conference I ever attended.

King David, with his harp of gold and choir of a thousand voices, led the music.

Such a blessing was this, reading the Bible through without unnecessary delay! I think I shall reread it at least once a year the rest of my life.

● ● ●

Greg Odell is a pastor with Faithwalk Bible Church of Alexandria.