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Diocese of St. Cloud awaits new bishop

Bishop John Kinney submitted his letter of resignation to the pope, Benedict XVI, in June 2012. At that time he noted that it could take close to a year for his successor to be named.

When Benedict XVI resigned, the process of naming a successor was put on hold. With the recent selection of Pope Francis, the process for naming a new Bishop for the Diocese of St. Cloud will now continue.

The selection of new bishops happens in stages. The apostolic nuncio to the U.S. collects names of potential candidates, conducts an investigation into the suitability of the candidates and the diocese's needs. The nuncio may consult with others for additional input.

When his investigation is completed, the nuncio forwards a list of three candidates, called a terna, to the Congregation for Bishops at the Vatican. His preference is noted.

The Congregation of Bishops may follow the recommendation, choose another candidate on the terna or request that another terna be prepared. Eventually, the congregation's prefect presents the congregation's recommendation to the pope, who makes the final decision.

If the candidate accepts, a date is set for the public announcement. If the pope's choice is already a bishop, he will be installed during Mass. If he is not yet a bishop, he will be ordained a bishop as well as installed as the new bishop of St. Cloud.

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