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Growing Through Our Grief provides emotional support, education

Grieving the death of a family member or friend can be painful. The process of learning how to live without that person includes exploring questions and feelings that may be new to a person experiencing the death of their loved one.

Anderson Funeral Home in Alexandria will sponsor a grief seminar, Growing Through Our Grief, at afternoon and evening times. It will be held on Mondays at 6 p.m. from March 6 through April 10 and Tuesdays at 10 a.m. from March 7 through April 11. They will be held at Anderson's on Broadway, 801 Broadway, Alexandria.

Jeri Dawson, aftercare coordinator, and Barb Carstens, Anderson Funeral Home, will lead the seminar, which is intended to meet the needs of any persons working through the grief process resulting from the death of a loved one, to provide emotional support and education from empathetic peers and professionals.

Each session will include information and education on some of the primary stressors associated with the death of a loved one. There will be a time for questions. Dress informally and comfortably.

There is no charge for the seminar. Anyone who would like help in the grief healing process is welcome to attend.

For more information or to register, call Anderson's on Broadway at (320) 219-6278.


Session 1: Overview of grief and the process of grieving — Introduction: the task of grieving.

Session 2: Feelings — How do I name them? What do I do with them? Video: "White Water."

Session 3: Impact of loss on the family — Secondary loss, redefining myself/new coping tools.

Session 4: Reflections — Spiritual profile and personal recovery. Video: "Invincible Summer."

Session 5: Journal and letter writing — Recording our personal grief journey.

Session 6: Hope and healing — Taking care of myself, ritual of recovery.