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4-H channels Dr. Seuss

Clothes You Buy 4-H Choice Award winners were (left to right) Brynn Fernholz, Christina Drown and Kylee Fernholz.1 / 6
Clothes You Make 4-H Choice Award winners were Hailey Klimek (left) and Stormy Hegg. 2 / 6
Clothes You Buy Court of Honor winners were (back, left to right) Samantha Christensen, Christina Drown (Fashion Review overall champion), Ashley Fults (Grades 9 and above champion), Molly Schouweiler, Paige Gabrielson, Kylee Fernholz, (front) Brynn Fernholz and Zachary Kent. 3 / 6
Clothes You Make Court of Honor winners were (back, left to right) Jackie Oelke (Grade 9 and above champion and overall champion), Katie Kent (Grades 6-8 champion), Zachary Kent (Grades 3-5 champion), Amanda Brezina, Stormy Hegg, (front) Scarlet Bergstrom-McKee (clothes model), Callie Taveirne, Lexi Klimek and Hailey Klimek.4 / 6
Performing Arts winners were Paige Gabrielson, reserve champion; Michael Way, grand champion; and Amanda Brezina, honorable mention.5 / 6
In the Quilts category, (left to right) Kallista Roers received honorable mention, Molly Schouweiler was reserve and grand champion, and Christina Palmer received honorable mention.6 / 6

The 2014 Douglas County 4-H Clothing and Textiles Day and Fashion Review were held on Tuesday, July 29 at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria.

The theme for the public style show was “4-H Jumps into Dr. Seuss” with 40 outfits modeled by area 4-H members. Jessa Kokett and Lauren Engebretson, Douglas County 4-H summer interns, emceed.

The public is invited to view these 4-H exhibits and others at the Douglas Fair Thursday through Sunday, August 14-17.

The Fashion Review program consists of two components: Clothes You Make/Recycled Clothing and Clothes You Buy.

The 4-H Fashion Review program gives 4-H’ers the opportunity to:

● Develop skills in planning, selecting and making clothing.

● Select suitable accessories and model with confidence a garment made to meet one’s wardrobe needs.

● Build self-confidence and poise.

● Develop good posture and grooming habits.

● Practice leadership skills and roles, take part in community affairs, demonstrate citizenship responsibility.

● Explore career opportunities in the fashion industry.


Fashion Review Court of Honor: Ashley Fults, Christina Lakers; Christina Drown, Liberty Livewires; Molly Schouweiler, Chippewans; Zachary Kent, GoBees; Brynn Fernholz, Runestone; Paige Gabrielson, Hoofbeats; Samantha Christensen, Spruce Hill Rangers; Kylee Fernholz, Runestone. Overall Champion: Christina Drown.

4-H Choice Awards: Grades 3-5 – Brynn Fernholz; Grades 6-8 – Christina Drown; Grades 9 and above – Kylee Fernholz.

Grades 3-5: Champion – Julianna Collins, Fancy Famers. Reserve – Brynn Fernholz, Runestone. Honorable Mention – Zachary Kent, GoBees; Lexi Klimek, Lucky Star; Valerie Deschene, Moe; Madelyn Collins, Fancy Farmers.

Grades 6-8: Champion – Caitlyn Deschene, Moe. Reserve – Amanda Brezina, Lucky Star. Honorable Mention – Christina Palmer, Spruce Hill Rangers; Rachel Kokett, Liberty Livewires; Katie Kent, GoBees; Samantha Christensen, Spruce Hill Rangers.

Grades 9 and above: Champion – Ashley Fults, Christina Lakers. Reserve – Molly Schouweiler, Chippewans. Honorable Mention – Kylee Fernholz, Runestone; Ramsey Burss, Chippewans; Paige Gabrielson, Hoofbeats. Overall Champion: Ashley Fults





Fashion Review Court of Honor: Zachary Kent, GoBees; Amanda Brezina, Lucky Star; Lexi Klimek, Lucky Star; Stormy Hegg, Lucky Star; Callie Taveirne, Liberty Livewires; Katie Kent, GoBees; Hailey Klimek, Lucky Star; Jackie Oelke, Runestone. Overall Champion: Jackie Oelke.

4-H Choice Awards: All Grades – Stormy Hegg, Hailey Klimek.




Grades 3-5: Champion – Zachary Kent, GoBees. Reserve – Hailey Klimek, Lucky Star. Honorable Mention – Ella Halvorson, Hoofbeats; Lexi Klimek, Lucky Star; Wesley Siira, Urness; Elizabeth Vogt, Spruce Hill Rangers.

Grades 6-8: Champion – Katie Kent, GoBees. Reserve – Amanda Brezina, Lucky Star. Honorable Mention – Katie Kent; Stormy Hegg, Lucky Star; Lindsey Erickson, Chippewans; Rachel Kokett, Liberty Livewires; Riley Mounsden, Liberty Livewires; Madison Floden, Hoofbeats.

Grades 9 and above: Champion – Jackie Oelke, Runestone. Reserve Champion – Jackie Oelke. Honorable Mention – Sarah Dreger, Spruce Hill Rangers; Alexis Kokett, Liberty Livewires. Overall Champion: Jackie Oelke.


Grand Champion: Molly Schouweiler, Chippewans.

Reserve Champion: Molly Schouweiler.

Honorable Mention: Christina Palmer, Spruce Hill Rangers; Natalie Barten, GoBees; Kallista Roers, Lucky Star.


Performing Arts projects were judged during the public Fashion Review. Participants were:

Amanda Brezina, original poetry reading, Lucky Star (honorable mention); Lindsey Erickson, cello solo, Chippewans; Paige Gabrielson, viola/vocal solo, Hoofbeats (reserve champion); Zachary Kent, alto saxophone solo, GoBees; Lexi Klimek, vocal solo, Lucky Star; Lauren Krebs, piano solo, Hoofbeats; Gabby Way and Nora Merk, vocal duet with guitar accompaniment, Chippewans; Michael Way, vocal solo, Chippewans (grand champion).

● ● ●

Gifts, gift certificates, medallions and plaques were awarded to the champions by area businesses and individuals.