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Rotary members gather to package 8,700 meals for Alexandria and Haiti

Members of the Alexandria Rotary Club recently packed food to benefit the Alexandria area and Bread to the Nations in Carrefour, Haiti. The club partnered with Harvest Pack, which designed meals that have cost-effective formulas and include dry ingredients for easier storage. (Contributed)1 / 2
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The Alexandria Rotary Club recently partnered with Harvest Pack to put together 8,700 meals.

About 20 percent of the food packages will stay within the Alexandria area, going to organizations such as the Outreach Food Shelf, United Way food drop and other food shelves upon request.

The other 80 percent will go to Bread to the Nations in Carrefour, Haiti.

Harvest Pack is focused on solving worldwide hunger with a specially designed meal that is healthy and accommodating to a diverse population.

It is a cost effective formula and readily available as dry ingredients, which makes it much easier to store.

Bread to the Nations is a Christ-centered nonprofit organization based in Alexandria and Carrefour, Haiti, with teams residing in both locations.

Its mission is to restore God’s model to families and communities in Haiti by strengthening the church and strengthening families.