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Hear mysteries unfold on radio

The Writing on the Wall cast and crew include Bob Piotrowski, Mike Roers, Sydnee Byrne, Becky Byrne, Greta Hobbs, Scott Giannone, Leila Preston and Daniel Roers. (Contributed)

Lakes Area Theatre (LAT) in Alexandria is offering the following productions:

ON STAGE After several years of homelessness, a couple decides to reclaim their lost home. Experience their renewed pride and adventures Friday, November 1 at 7 p.m. at LAT. House Poor is written by Toronto playwright Frank Busche, directed by Ann Hermes and stars Kip Sundlee, Claudia Bursch, Joan Piotrowski and Jamie Sandberg, who also performs the sound effects. Music is by Bob Piotrowski.

ON AIR The confession to a crime is uncovered as a couple preparing a nursery removes wallpaper. A missing persons file becomes a double homicide, but the bodies remain undiscovered.

The case is solved with a plot twist in The Writing on the Wall by Massachusetts playwright Mike Murphy, set to air Sunday, November 3 at 12:30 p.m. on KXRA 1490 AM. The show was directed by Kevin Lee and stars Becky Byrne, Scott Giannone, Leila Preston, Rexford Sweetwater, Greta Hobbs, Sydnee Byrne, and Mike Roers. Sound effects are by Daniel Roers with Bob Piotrowski providing music.

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For information, call the box office at (320) 808-3841.