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Radio theater puts on 'extra scary' Friday the 13th show

Lakes Area Radio Theatre will put on a Friday the 13th show it promises will be "extra scary, extra fun."

Its first act, "12," is about a pair of happy, superstitious newlyweds. One day, the wife begs her husband not to leave her house, his horoscope says not to. He promises to be careful, but when odd things begin to happen, he wonders if his wife was right.

In "A Funny Thing Happened," a ventriloquist's dummy suddenly spouts off in Spanish. But there's a problem. The ventriloquist doesn't speak Spanish.

"Hangman" tells the tale of a young widower who misses wife so dreadfully that he makes a deal to swap his big toe to relive 31 days with his lost wife. But what happens when those 31 days are over, and he misses his wife more than ever?

The show starts at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13, at the theater, 2214 Geneva Rd. Admission costs $8.