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Student Honors

The following students were named to the fall 2012 dean's list at University of Minnesota Twin Cities for completing 12 or more letter-graded credits while attaining a 3.66 or higher grade point average.

Alexandria: Megan Barnes, senior, College of Liberal Arts; Spencer Brand, freshman, College of Liberal Arts; Rachel Finazzo, sophomore, College of Liberal Arts; Kyle Fluto, sophomore, College of Liberal Arts; Alexa Haarstad, senior, School of Nursing; Eve Hartsell, senior, College of Liberal Arts; Coleman Iverson, senior, College of Design; Drew Paradis, senior, College of Education/Human Development; Jamie Piepenburg, freshman, College of Biological Sciences; Charlie Wensman, freshman, College of Liberal Arts.

Farwell: Kelly Nellermoe, freshman, College of Education/Human Development; Nicole Nellermoe, senior, College of Liberal Arts.

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The following students were named to the fall 2012 dean's list at Concordia College in Moorhead for carrying a minimum 12 semester credits and earning grade point averages of at least 3.7.

Alexandria: Aaron Billberg, sophomore, Jefferson High School (JHS), son of Gregory Billberg; Jenna Collins, sophomore, JHS, daughter of W. Joseph and Sharon Bridges; Kate Gearman, senior, JHS, daughter of Deb Gearman of Sarasota, Florida, and Jeffery Gearman; Meghan Hartokolis, freshman, JHS, daughter of Timothy and Elisabeth Hartokolis; Kirsten Lusty, sophomore, JHS, daughter of Robert and Rochelle Lusty; Colin Teichert, senior, JHS, son of Gary and Pam Teichert; Ross Thompson, senior, JHS, son of Jim and Jodi Thompson.

Brandon: Patrick Wagner, sophomore, Brandon High School, son of Ben and Jean Wagner.

Carlos: Hayley Thull, junior, JHS, daughter of Edward and Tamara Thull.

Farwell: Katherine Holm, senior, JHS, daughter of Les and Ann Holm.

Garfield: Krista Jennissen, junior, JHS, daughter of Tom and Karen Jennissen; Shawn Krueger, junior, JHS, son of Curtis and Tracey Krueger.

Miltona: Eric Carlsen, junior, JHS, son of Brian and KrisAnn Carlsen.

Osakis: Haley Anderson, junior, Osakis High School (OHS), daughter of Gregg and Judith Anderson; Nikolaj Hagen, senior, OHS, son of Daniel and Dorte Hagen; Tonya Hetland, junior, OHS, daughter of Dana and Virginia Hetland; Christopher Ludwig, senior, OHS, Tom and Arlene Ludwig; Alicia Wagner, senior, OHS, daughter of Michael and Gina Wagner.

Villard: Johannah Bailey, senior, OHS, James and Kris Bailey.

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Zoe Weltzin of Alexandria was named to the fall 2012 dean's list at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for earning a grade point average of 3.5 or higher while earning at least 14 graded credits during the term. Weltzin is a 2011 graduate of Jefferson High School in Alexandria.