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Speech team earns two trophies

The Alexandria speech team traveled to Swanville on February 9 and took home a second place trophy, the second in seven days. (Contributed Photo)

The Alexandria speech team recently took two trophies in seven days. On February 9, the team traveled to Swanville and came home with a second place trophy.

Team captain Lydia Gusaas won in extemporaneous reading, and McKayla Petrie won in creative expression.

Winning second place were Kylee Johnson in humorous and Isabelle Hartokolis in prose.

Honorable mentions went to Ellie Wallace/Cynthia Pitmann and Kathryn Johnson/Anthony Turdik in dramatic duo, Claire Wilmesmmeier in creative expression, Demian Carter in discussion, Miranda Muzik in informative and Katelyn Tracy in storytelling.

The team will travel to Princeton on February 23.