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JHS celebrates 2012 Homecoming

Students tried to catch chocolate pudding thrown at them in pastic cups taped to their stomachs while the JHS student body cheered them on during a pep fest Friday. (Echo Press photo by Tara Bitzan)1 / 9
Sophomore Chris Leary worked his way through a plate of pumpkin pie filling to find a piece of gum. (Echo Press photo by Tara Bitzan)2 / 9
The Boys Cross Country Team participated in Saturday's parade with a "Running for Office" themed float. This year's parade boasted nearly 50 entries. (Echo Press photo by Tara Bitzan)3 / 9
Several Alexandria alumni took part in Saturday's parade, including members of the Class of 1956. (Echo Press photo by Tara Bitzan)4 / 9
2012 Homecoming royalty includes sophomore attendants Justin Cumberbatch and Ellie Bergstrand; senior attendants Christian Anderson, Claire Donovan, King Kyle Blank, Queen Shelby Iverson, Nick Knoblach, Becca Illies, Patrick Leary and Maggie Shay; and junior attendants Zach Peterson and Amanda Christianson. (Echo Press photo by Tara Bitzan)5 / 9
JHS teachers competed against students in some of the pep fest competitions. They won this one, which involved taping a team member to the wall in an attempt to outlast the opponents. (Echo Press photo by Tara Bitzan)6 / 9
The Girls Swim Team took 2nd in the parade float competition with the "Drown the Eagles" float. (Echo Press photo by Tara Bitzan)7 / 9
The Girls Soccer Team won 3rd place with their farm themed entry. (Echo Press photo by Tara Bitzan)8 / 9
The Girls Cross Country Team won 1st place with this "running from the law" jailbird float. (Echo Press photo by Tara Bitzan)9 / 9

Jefferson High School's (JHS) 2012 Homecoming was celebrated with a week full of activities last week.

Coronation was held Monday, with pep fests held at all District 206 schools on Friday. A community parade and tailgate party were held Saturday, followed by a 3 p.m. football game with the Cardinals celebrating a 21-7 win over the Apollo Eagles.