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Don Shelby headlines Lakes Area Theatre show

The cast and crew of The Barrington Ransom include (left to right) Bob Piotrowski, Don Shelby, Quincy Roers, Bruce McKirdy, Daniel Roers, Miriam Thornquist, Lonnie Wing, Kent Garlinghouse, Keri Mohror and Al Senstad. (Contributed photo)

Lakes Area Theatre (LAT) in Alexandria is offering the following productions this week:


As the song says, "tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight" on the LAT stage on Friday, September 21 at 7 p.m. From the old time radio series The Life of Riley comes the episode "The Haunted House."

Junior has drawn the short straw in his club and has to check out a reputed haunted house. But he can bring along his dad, Chester Riley.

Reprising their roles from past episodes are Joe Korkowski as Riley, Sue Korkowski as Peg, Daniel Roers as Junior, and Kip Sundlee as Digger O'Dell the undertaker. Joining the cast will be Sue Justice.

Bob Piotrowski composed and will perform the music, with Mike Roers on sound effects.


In part one of The Barrington Ransom, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were on the trail to solve an abduction of and subsequent ransom demand for one of England's gentry. That trail has led to one of Professor Moriarty's lieutenants, the despicable Sebastian Moran.

The conclusion of The Barrington Ransom will air on KXRA 1490 AM at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 23. The show was written and directed by Don Shelby.

The show starred Don Shelby as Holmes, Lonnie Wing as Dr. Watson along with Quincy Roers, Keri Mohror, Al Senstad, Bruce McKirdy, Miriam Thornquist and Kent Garlinghouse.

Bob Piotrowski composed and performed the music. Ken Garlinghouse designed and performed the sound effects with the help of Daniel Roers.

Listen to part one on the website home page or at

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For information, call the box office at (320) 808-3841. Past shows are available on the LAT website at