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Children of Mars to visit Lakes Area Theatre

Lakes Area Theatre (LAT) in Alexandria is offering the following productions this week:


Just what are the Martians intending to do to the visiting Earthlings with their Plan X? The children of Mars are very engaged in executing this plan. It's a "surprise" for the humans. But just what is it?

Come to find out the answers as LAT presents Plan X, from the old-time radio series Suspense, on Friday, May 18 at 7 p.m. The show is directed by Mike Roers and stars Benjamin Roers, Quincy Roers, Lars Markeson, Joan Piotrowski, Paul Leighton, Claudia Bursch, Haley Wegner, Gary Judkins and Erich Hildebrant. Music is by Bob Piotrowski.


To the names of Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple we add Chauncey McCade, the snoop. In Sunday's episode of The Snoop, McCade gets in the thick of things in The Bottom Feeders.

Something is amiss in Bridge City and it seems to revolve around the import business taking place along the river. Hear how McCade gets to the bottom of things, the river bottom that is, but escapes certain death to get the baddies on Sunday, May 20 at 12:30 on KXRA 1490 AM.

The show was written by Iowa playwright Dave Patterson. It was directed by Ann Hermes and stars Chuck Grussing, Nancy Berns, Kent Garlinghouse, Amanda Richards, Bruce Wegner, Tim Ray and Nelly DeLaRosy. Sound effects are by Gary Lund with Dedra Zwieg on the keyboard.

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For information, call the box office at (320) 808-3841. Past shows are available on the LAT website at