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DMS 9th graders present 'Journey to the World's Edge

Madison Nowling Kjellberg (standing) and MIsha Harstad rehearsed a scene in the upcoming 9th grade play, Journey to the World's Edge.

Discovery Middle School (DMS) 9th graders will present this year's 9th grade play, Journey to the World's Edge, an Irish folk tale. Performances are set for Friday and Saturday, December 3 and 4 at 7:30 p.m. at the DMS auditorium.

In Journey to the Worlds' Edge, young Brigid Sean O'Grady has never left her home for fear of being tormented and shunned by the people in her village because of her crippled foot.

Tired of her life of confinement, Brigid goes on a journey where she encounters many odd and mythical creatures, places and situations. She overcomes her fears and realizes that her disability is her greatest strength.


Alyssa Freiderich

Ramsey Burss

Nina Clark

Shelby Ebacher

Katelyn Edenloff

Samantha Engstrom

Misha Harstad

Addison Hofstad

Maggie Kragenbring

Libby Lambert

Katy Niemeyer

Miranda Novak

Madison Nowling Kjellberg

Katya O'Brien

Annika Peck

Thomas Pederson

Melissa Samples

Molly Shouweiler

Katelyn Tracy

Christa Wysoski

Kallie Zieman

Erika Fieldhammer